2 Jun 2011

On writing ...

Advice on writing can be iffy. I this article in The Guardian a bunch of writers have been asked to give their best advice to other writers or writers in the make. Take a look: Ten rules for writing fiction. Some of these advices are obvious - write and read - others are of the more humorous type: Never go to London. Never go anywhere. I'm always curious about how other writers work. It's a question I've asked lots of fellow writers. Some know excactly how they work, others just start on page one and keep going. The only thing writers have in common, is that none of them work in the same way. After all, it's not about the pen, or the chair and desk, what computer you  use, the lucky troll on the bookshelf, or how many words per day. (There's alway someone who writes faster than you, anyway)  It's not about how you organize the plot, or fine tune your characters or even tell your story. 
It's about writing until your fingers ache. And then you write some more. And sooner or later it will all fall into place.
That's the only way to get your own voice, and all the writing classes, books on writing or good advice in the world can't replace actually writing.
But advices are nice to read. I'm always inspired by other writers advice because it tells me that other writers struggle with the same things and that we would all like to find an easier way to do the job. 
Except it's not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be demanding, challenging, inspiring and making fingers ache. If not, none of us would have bothered working with this.
So good luck and keep writing!

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