22 Jun 2011

At the movies

I went to the movies this weekend. I love movies, and don't mind seeing two or three in a row, provided I get a chance to pee and fill up on popcorn in intermissions. I will always be grateful that Norwegian TV in the 6o's and 70's only had one channel - there was a movie on Saturday, a theatre show every Tuesday, a detective show on Fridays and the Opera on Sundays afternoon (A young Placido Domingo in Tosca made me fall in love with ... opera. Pavarottis spindly legs just didn't hold the same attraction. And Placidos voice was better too). Why I'm grateful? Well, if there had been such access to movies and TV that we have now, I doubt if I would have read as much as I did, and subsequently become a writer. I'd be a couch potato of huge dimensions ...
But we did have the movie theatre in town, and every Saturday afternoon we'd go. The Tarzan movies - you never quite forget Johnny Weismuller, do you? Or Ben Hur. I cried for days after that one.
Sorry, I was going to tell about this weeks movies.

Source Code. Poor Jake Gyllenhaal is stuck in quantum physics. He's re-living the last eight minutes of a dead man's life, to stop a terrorist attack. Not so bad, actually. Jake is cute and you do feel sorry for the poor man. It's sad, so if you're going to the movies to see happy endings and song birds, not so much.
 X- men First Class. Not a fan. The movie was okay, and I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't been a prequel because then I could have looked forward to the sequel. So I don'l like prequels. Why would you make three good movies about X-men, then go back and make a film about something we already know? I don't see the point, really. It feels like the producers and the director sat down, couldn't come up with a good story for number 4, and then made a prequel, because there is loads of fans and money to be made.
I haven't seen the latest Star Wars movies for the same reason. I don't want to know what made Magnetor og Darth Vader bad - I already know most of it through the first movies. So no, thanks

I also see DVD's ... I run old movies on the computer when I write, but sometimes I see new releases.

 The Tourist. I looked forward to this for a long time. Johnny Depp and Angelina - smoking hot! But then it wasn't. It was about as interesting as a fizzed out soda.  Where was the chemistry? It was just sad, and I think the story is to blame. It seemed like a good idea, but when you figure out the plot after ten minutes of movie, there's something not right. Perhaps the chemistry got lost because of that. There was a debate among critics whether this was a comedy or a drama - or perhaps a thriller?

But I have to say I find the name of the director inspiring: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck ...

Morning Glory. Funny and enjoyable. Rachel McAdams is like the Energizer bunny on esspresso, but she is enthusiastic and sweet,  Harrison Ford charmingly grumpy and Diane Keaton in good form. I read critics saying the movie didn't show news as serious enough. Of course it didn't - it's a comedy!
That's all folks!

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