28 Apr 2013

Happy Birthday, Terry Pratchett

I came late to Discworld, barely ten years ago. when I lived in Cheltenham, UK, and on occasions, interviewed writers for a newspaper back home. I used to ask publishers if there were any writers they wanted me to talk to, and one of them told me about Terry Pratchett. He said his books were relatively unknown in Norway, he had no idea why. Now I hadn't heard of him, so I went out and bought a few of his books.
My first meeting wiht Discworld was Small Gods and I couldn't believe. Who wrote like that! Needless to say, I've read all of his books since then - although I keep hoping I've overlooked some, just to have the thrill of finding a new one ...
Interviewing Terry Pratchett was a mixed experience. Not because of him. He couldn't have been nicer. But everything went wrong.  I didn't have the nerve to tell him I wasn't a "proper" journalist - it might have helped! My cell phone wouldn't work in his house, my tape recorder broke down twice, and finally I was so flustered I asked him about ideas - the one question he detests ... he gave me a glass of Russian honey vodka.

And what Prathcett says about libriaries rings true for most writers, I think. My local library certainly was my salvation growing up. It opened the world to me, and lucky for me, the librarians at "Haugesund folkebibliotek" never once questioned my choice of books. Nor the fact that I'd  borrow up to twenty books every week ... Librarians are the true Gatekeepers and I would have been lost without them.
And yes, I have Dodger on my Reading list ...

23 Apr 2013

Teaser Tuesday - The Castle of Wolfenbach by Eliza Parsons

The Castle of Wolfenback is one of the seven "horrid novels" named in Jane Austen's "Northanger Abbey," "The Castle of Wolfenbach" is perhaps the most important of the early Gothic novels, predating both "The Mysteries of Udolpho" and "The Monk."

I'm on page 5 of 224 of The Castle of Wolfenbach. The reason I'm reading it is because I'm writing a series set in 1793, and I wanted one of the characters to buy a book for his sweetheart. I wanted Persuasion by Austen, but that wasn't published until 1818. While doing research I found this book, and decided to see if it would work as a romantic gift. Considering the theme of the book, I'm not so sure. On the other hand, my female character is a determined young woman, and might just love it. There wasn't anything like this available in Norwegian or Danish at the time, so it would have been very exotic and perhaps even sensational.

About the book: Matilda Weimar flees her lecherous and incestuous uncle and seeks refuge in the ancient Castle of Wolfenbach. Among the castle's abandoned chambers, Matilda will discover the horrifying mystery of the missing Countess of Wolfenbach. But when her uncle tracks her down, can she escape his despicable intentions?

My teaser: "... nobody will sleep in the rooms upstairs; the gentlefolks who were in it last could not rest, such strange noises, and groans, and screams, and such like terrible things were heard; then at t'other end of the house the rooms are never opened; they say bloody work has been carried on there."

Sounds wonderfully horrid, doesn't it?

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20 Apr 2013

Update - and a little about the new book

It's been a good week, despite the sniffles. As a freelancer, I am very happy when I have work, so I try my best not to complain. I do know what it's like to be without ...

Our new book has be re-scheduled for mid-June. We were supposed to get the manuscript this weekend for proof-reading, but it hasn't come. Just as well, since I have more than enough to do as it is. These Things happen. In Publishing patience is a necessity. An editor has more than one manuscript on her or his desk (my editors have almost always been women - not sure why), and there's a million practical things that needs to fall into place before a book is published. My series is a different matter. Because the books have to be finished in about six weeks, the editor works as hard as me to get everything ready. Even weekends and evenings.

This is the cover for our new book. Looks nice, doesn't it?

From the back-cover: (excuse the translation - it's done in rather a hurry)

Iben and Shoki witness a woman being dragged into a car. Tony, her 10 year old son, is left behind. When it turns out that the father of Tony disappeared without a trace, Iben and Shoki realise that they must help him. Then follows two fast-paced days on the bike, looking for a Jaguar and a van. The clues lead them to the Indian Embassy in Oslo. Who exactly are Tony and his parents? Why do they move so often? And what are they so afraid of?

"Hunted" is the first book in a new action series for children.

16 Apr 2013

Teaser Tuesday - An Echo in the Bone

An Echo in the Bone is the sixth book in Diana Gabaldon's wonderful series Outlander. I've been reading these books for the last month, and right now I'm trying to make this one last for as long as possible. Thankfully  there will be a seventh book this year ...
I'm reading it on Kindle, so have no idea about page numbers.

My teaser:

The British reconnaissance had a double purpose: not only to see exactly where the Americans were - for general Burgoyne had no real idea: American deserters had stopped coming in long since -

It's a great series, well-written and very  original.

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