20 Apr 2013

Update - and a little about the new book

It's been a good week, despite the sniffles. As a freelancer, I am very happy when I have work, so I try my best not to complain. I do know what it's like to be without ...

Our new book has be re-scheduled for mid-June. We were supposed to get the manuscript this weekend for proof-reading, but it hasn't come. Just as well, since I have more than enough to do as it is. These Things happen. In Publishing patience is a necessity. An editor has more than one manuscript on her or his desk (my editors have almost always been women - not sure why), and there's a million practical things that needs to fall into place before a book is published. My series is a different matter. Because the books have to be finished in about six weeks, the editor works as hard as me to get everything ready. Even weekends and evenings.

This is the cover for our new book. Looks nice, doesn't it?

From the back-cover: (excuse the translation - it's done in rather a hurry)

Iben and Shoki witness a woman being dragged into a car. Tony, her 10 year old son, is left behind. When it turns out that the father of Tony disappeared without a trace, Iben and Shoki realise that they must help him. Then follows two fast-paced days on the bike, looking for a Jaguar and a van. The clues lead them to the Indian Embassy in Oslo. Who exactly are Tony and his parents? Why do they move so often? And what are they so afraid of?

"Hunted" is the first book in a new action series for children.

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