1 Jun 2013

From a serial writer's diary ... update

June has sprung - which is always nice. At the moment Oslo is warmer than most places in Europe, even the Canary Islands, and that's nice too, if I was on the Beach. Which I'm not. I have 3000 words to write this weekend, and have to let the sunny days pass me by. I also have a manuscript too read, so not much time for leisure.
But I did download "The Princess Bride" to my Kindle. I saw the movie some years ago, and was totally charmed. But I haven't read it before. (I also haven't read Charlotte's Web, Cat in the Hat, To Kill a Mocking Bird or The Catcher in the Rye - just saying. Although I do have a degree in literature, these books fell under the radar. I plan to read them when I'm in the Old Folk's home, where I also plan to play War of the Worlds and get a tatoo ...).
Anyway, I love the Princess Bride, as much for  the story as for the whole Morgenstern vs Goldman discussion in the preface. Very cool.

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