1 Mar 2012

A loose translation of Sunday's review of The Scandal, the first book in my new series: 

Tar, fish and coffee

Catchy about upper class life in the 1790's
The heroines Constanse and Karen seem different at first, but have much in common: they are beautiful without knowing it, kind and brave. Constanse is the daughter of a “coffee baron” from Bergen, and creates a scandal when she falls in love with a man of lower standing.

Karen is a servant, working for an absent-minded scientist who encourages her to read books and develop her drawing talents. Sense and sensibility, in other words. In paticular Karen is a complex character I would like to read more about.

Ball gowns, steamy love letters and adventurous journeys – romance have reached Norway. The writer portions out historical facts in good measures and manages to create drive in the story without creating neck-breaking cliffhangers.
(Then there's something about my rather "wild" use of prepositions and a some clumsy wording – but let's not dwell on that...).

The ending plays with the excitement of whether or not Constanse will manage to get on board the ship before it sails, but the extraction from the next book reveals that she does. Even so it's tempting to follow the sisters of destiny.

Kristine Isaksen
VG (Norway's largest newspaper).

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