3 Jul 2011

Plums deify - Stephen King's On Writing

I've joined a Stephen King challenge and I'm to write about six of King's novels this year. And since we're already in July, I'm far behind as usual .

Stephen King has written a lot of really good book (and probably some bad ones). I count a few favourites among his books (The Stand and Misery to mention two), but the book that has meant most to me is On Writing. So I'll start with that.
I have several copies of it, Norwegian and English. The English copy is falling apart and I'm going to have to buy a new one soon. (Not something I look forward to, since the battered copy is filled with comments and yellow highlights).
In the first foreword (yes, there is more than one), King says: The easy answer is that someone who has sold as many books of fiction as I have must have something worthwhile to say about writing it ...
And then he does just that.
He starts with a short biography, up to the time he sold Carrie. He writes about the alchohol and cocaine abuse that almost killed him, and about the car accident that almost killed him, and about how he managed to start writing again.
Then he writs about the craft and about the tools a writer need, grammar, the danger of passice description, swifties and so on. There's also a lot of good stuff on how to build a story.
On Writing is very well written, easy to read and perfect for me who sometimes need advice on things when I'm stuck in my own writing. When I'm really stuck, I read the book from cover to cover. It helps me to read about the struggles of other writers – if anything it saves me from wasting time feeling sorry for myself.
Recommended to all writers and King fans!

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