27 Nov 2010

Inspired by bathroom line ...

I was standing in line outside a Ladies Room in a Department store today. It's boring. Because of the Christmas rush, there's loads of people, and long lines.
So what to do?
When I'm bored, I get flashes of inspiration. While in a line my mind wanders - I mean, what else are you going to do when you wait? I can't write anything, I left my phone in the coffee shop, I forgot my book, and I never talk to strangers.
But I had a wonderful idea, funny and light. So probably perfect for a short story. Sometimes it's easy to see what kind of story lives in the idea. A complex idea leads to complex story, a novel or even a series. A light and fluffy story - sorry about that. This story involves cats - so perhaps something for a magazine.
I haven't written anything on the story yet. I'm just playing with it in my mind. If it goes away, it wasn't any good, if it stays, I can make something out of it. But I love this period. Playing with the idea, looking at it, trying different angles, shuffeling point of views and scenes to see what works best - it's great fun.
Perhaps by tomorrow I'll try it on the page, see where it goes. I'm in love with it, so I think it's going to fly!

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