15 Oct 2010

New book

New book is going very well, actually. There's a lot of research involved and there are times I wonder why I read so much when I know I'll use so little. But I don't know what I'll use or not use until I find it, and even then I might not use it until years later. In something else entirely.
I have to keep reminding myself that whenever I read an historical book, I love the details. I love to hear about how they dress, what the houses looks like, the shape of the landscape, the colours, the sounds and what the city/village looked like. It's important for the feel of the period. How else can I be transported to a time I don't know anything about, but love to read about because of a great story?
So I gather my facts like a little squirrel (okay, so not so little ...), and stow them away in folders and books, on the computer and in the bookshelves. Until one day, that one piece of information, will make a scene perfect.
Or so I tell myself when I sit in a dusty library with an ancient book from a time when they wrote funny and they couldn't spell.

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